Por: Flor Edilma Pulido - Johana Calderón
Fecha: 27 de Julio de 2018
Clothing has always been influenced by culture and music which makes it an art sample that shows a life style and a way of thinking, being part of an idiosyncrasy that sometimes has gone beyond borders and has grown in an specific age, which demonstrate the universal character or art.
Thus, as part of the cultural English project, first cycle students had the opportunity to know a little about this manifestations through clothing in a fashion show where they had to wear clothes of a specific decade such as 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. In the show, children showed their style and through a little review of every decade, assistants could know a little about this tendencies.
Finally, this kind of activities motivate learning about culture and bring the opportunity of using English in other contexts away from academic perspectives.